François Boyer wrote screenplays for the following productions:

1952: Forbidden Games/Jeux interdits, directed by René Clément and inspired by Boyer’s novel

1954: Wild Fruit/Les fruits sauvages, directed by Hervé Bromberger

1955: The Little Rebels/Chiens perdus sans collier, directed by Jean Delannoy

1957: A Kiss for a Killer/Une manche et la belle, directed by Henri Verneuil

1962: War of the Buttons/La guerre des boutons, directed by Yves Robert

1962: A Monkey in Winter/Un singe en hiver, directed by Henri Verneuil

1963: Bebert and the Train/Bébert et l’omnibus, directed by Yves Robert and inspired by Boyer’s novel

1964: Weekend at Dunkirk/Week-end à Zuydcoote, directed by Henri Verneuil

1969: Under the Sign of the Bull/Sous le signe du taureau, directed by Gilles Grangier

1970: Le petit bougnat/The Little Coalman, directed by Bernard Toublanc-Michel

1972: The Bar at the Crossing/Le bar de la fourche, directed by Alain Levent

1976: Don’t Bite, We Love You/Mords pas, on t’aime, directed by Yves Allégret